Education and Training

Trained under  Italian Voice Coach, Baritone “Antonio Finizio” from Teatro Reale “San Carlo” of  Naples, Italy.

Corsi Vacanze Musicali (1992) – Italian Regione Campania, Scholarship Course.

Academy of Music – Torino, Italy (1992). University of Torino – North Italy, Certificate of Vocal Perfection – Canto Operistico. Taught the disciplines of “Bel Canto” at the Veccia Scuola di Canto Italiana – (School of Voice Perfection, Italy).

Accountant Degree – Economics (1992-1995) – VIII International Technical College, Naples, Italy.

Performed extensively throughout Europe and across Italy including concerts of Traditional Neapolitan Songs for the Mayor and Cardinal of Naples, Italy nel Duomo di Napoli. Performed Tribute Concert in Naples to “Enrico Caruso” 1993, and “Messa di Gloria” of “Pietro Mascagni” in 1995 with “Lucia Tramontano” (Official  accompanist at Teatro  San Carlo in that period).

Diploma di Canto Ramo Cantanti (1993-1998) at Conservatorium of Music, “Domenico Cimorosa” di Avellino (Degree in Music/Singing).

Taught the disciplines of “Bel Canto” (veccia scuola Italiana) such as well known Singers; “Beniamino Gigli”, “Franco Corelli” and the Legendary Tenor, “Enrico Caruso”.

Graduate of the Conservatorium of Music, “Domenico Cimarosa” in Avellino, Southern Italy in 1998.

Performed extensively across Italy including concerts of traditional Neapolitan songs in the Duomo for the Mayor and Cardinal of  Naples.

Italian Masterclass of Voice and Performing- Turin, Italy (2013) – Accademia della Voce del Piemonte, under the Baritone Maestro “Alessandro Corbelli” whilst on tour in Italy for 3 months. Performed concert in April at Circolo  della  Stampa of Turin.